A White Shadow

A Beluga Whale will usually inhabit Canadian waters, staying in the Arctic regions, it is naturally camouflaged. The white whale takes its name from the Russian word ‘bielo’ meaning white and so we get Beluga. It takes eight years for the birth colour of dark grey to completely leave. Being such a different colour for […]

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The RMD Protocol

When I jump into the car the Bluetooth system immediately starts downloading the contact list from my phone. It’s brilliant because even before I’ve buckled up, cranked up the Kurt Elling album and selected first gear, the full phone book is ready and available for hands free calls. Great technology. Is it really that simple? […]

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Project 365: Gratitude

The two words that are so easy to say but seldom pass the lips.  A simple thank you, or a more elaborate sign of gratitude is important for the smooth running of our society.  It is a critical element of the oil that ensures our world doesn’t rust over and grind to a halt.  I […]

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