OY! Language

The language that we use or hear is often indicative of our environment. When walking through Tokyo the language all around was unfamiliar and cryptic in the sense that it didn’t register with me and I could not be a part of the conversation. Likewise, in certain environments the language used is unpalatable and can […]

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The RMD Protocol

When I jump into the car the Bluetooth system immediately starts downloading the contact list from my phone. It’s brilliant because even before I’ve buckled up, cranked up the Kurt Elling album and selected first gear, the full phone book is ready and available for hands free calls. Great technology. Is it really that simple? […]

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Starting a conversation…

Hello and welcome to the space.  Welcome to the space that has been created to….well…discuss.  The space here is designed to discuss the things in my world.  The elements that keep my world turning so quickly.  As I’m sure you will agree, there may be similarities between our worlds and if we can create a […]

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