A man called Joseph had saved up. He’d been working for years so that he could own this small, cold, lightless hole. It was more than a hole actually, it was a small cave outside the city of Jerusalem. The cave wouldn’t be used for decades to come. Dusty, silent and void, the cave would […]

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The Confidential Truth

Person A walks into a room full of people, they walk over someone and instantly starts connecting.  Stories are shared, laughter erupts and the evening is a glorious night to remember. Person B walks into a room full of people, they get out their phone, skim the edge of the room and pour themselves a […]

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The Tav, The Chi and The Cross

With the recent reflection of The Day of Ashes, commonly known as Ash Wednesday, I thought it would be useful to explore and try to uncover this strange notion of wiping ash on someone’s forehead. Firstly, what is the ash about? In ancient times and in Biblical texts, ashes were often representative of mourning and […]

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