An Aggregation of Marginal Gains

The main bowling alley in our City has recently become a supermarket.  As much as I like a bargain I would have preferred not to lose the place that has so many fond memories.  My wife and I spent many an evening shooting pool and hurling balls down the alley at those ten stubborn pins.  […]

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The RMD Protocol

When I jump into the car the Bluetooth system immediately starts downloading the contact list from my phone. It’s brilliant because even before I’ve buckled up, cranked up the Kurt Elling album and selected first gear, the full phone book is ready and available for hands free calls. Great technology. Is it really that simple? […]

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Cut Throat Change

Change feels good. Wait, wait don’t close your browser…read on. Change feels good because it rocks things about and although the boat becomes unstable, there is a weird thrill being in a rocking boat. Learning a new skill or taking your current gifting to the next level can take it out of you.  Lately I […]

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The painting and the conservator.

The question of ‘what lies beneath’ has been asked in the scary movies or where a large black ‘X’ marks the spot.  An inquisition of this kind was posed to something less adventurous than a desert island and pirate ridden lands.  A much more humble article, although the item was altogether far more mysterious than […]

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