OY! Language

The language that we use or hear is often indicative of our environment. When walking through Tokyo the language all around was unfamiliar and cryptic in the sense that it didn’t register with me and I could not be a part of the conversation. Likewise, in certain environments the language used is unpalatable and can […]

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The Crash

Life has a funny habit of getting in the way.  Getting in the way of our plans. Stepping out into the road when we are in full flow, and the effects are often crushing, debilitating and usually unexplained.  In times like this, when we feel so alone, so isolated, just know that there is a […]

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Two nights too short.

On approach, you get a glimpse of the urban spread that covers the horizon.  Networks of roads, rail lines and power grids remind me of a microscope photograph of fabric.  After all, this really is the fabric of Tokyo, the ‘Capital in the East’. Travelling through a metropolis like Tokyo is a dizzying yet unforgettable […]

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Lifting the Lid

If I find myself being pulled into one of the popular coffee houses, a force that seems to pervade the restrictions of time, wide diversions and cost, I will undoubtedly be ordering a grande or venti caffeine based delight, usually sweetened with a syrup of some variety, and as I walk away from the counter, […]

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The painting and the conservator.

The question of ‘what lies beneath’ has been asked in the scary movies or where a large black ‘X’ marks the spot.  An inquisition of this kind was posed to something less adventurous than a desert island and pirate ridden lands.  A much more humble article, although the item was altogether far more mysterious than […]

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