Art in your Latte??

Foreign bodies in food & drink is never pleasant,  no one ever likes to find a fly in their soup or a worm in your apple.  But what about some Art in your Latte? Latte Art is an ever increasing skill at many good coffee houses.  Finding a pattern and that personal touch in your […]

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Social Networking or Social Networks?

Socialites remain connected through the many networks that spring from the operating systems that underpin our mobile devices.  The app marketplaces bulge with platforms with which we can stay plugged in to the social spheres that form our world. Forming circles is so easy with apps like Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn – sharing with groups of friends […]

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6 million metric tonnes

It seems to me that the world drinks an awful lot of black gold liquid that we know of as… coffee – 6 million metric tonnes in fact. New Yorkers might say “you want some Corfee” and here in Lancashire, UK we say ‘You wanna brew?’. However you refer to this deep aromatic liquid, lets pause for […]

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