A man called Joseph had saved up. He’d been working for years so that he could own this small, cold, lightless hole. It was more than a hole actually, it was a small cave outside the city of Jerusalem. The cave wouldn’t be used for decades to come. Dusty, silent and void, the cave would […]

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A White Shadow

A Beluga Whale will usually inhabit Canadian waters, staying in the Arctic regions, it is naturally camouflaged. The white whale takes its name from the Russian word ‘bielo’ meaning white and so we get Beluga. It takes eight years for the birth colour of dark grey to completely leave. Being such a different colour for […]

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I have Rights you know!

“What about my rights”, you’ve heard it so many times. Human Rights, Animal Rights, Work Rights and any other section of society seems to claim their ‘Rights’. Rights are in place to protect, to assist and to act as a framework that ensures that justice prevails and prejudice doesn’t get airtime.  Rights can often be […]

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The painting and the conservator.

The question of ‘what lies beneath’ has been asked in the scary movies or where a large black ‘X’ marks the spot.  An inquisition of this kind was posed to something less adventurous than a desert island and pirate ridden lands.  A much more humble article, although the item was altogether far more mysterious than […]

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A tale of two men

1.    Our First Man Let me start by introducing to you the 1st man of our conversation.  A Scot, born on New Year’s Eve of 1941 in Glasgow.  His father was a plater in the ship yard and he himself worked part-time in shipyards. The rest of the week was taken up with training and […]

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