Wearing sunglasses indoors

My sunglasses are still enjoying their recent promotion during the recent sunny period we’ve had in the North West of England.  Having been previously resigned to the bottom of the stairs on the off chance that there might be a job for them, they are now honoured with a ‘driver door pocket’ location.  They are […]

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Two nights too short.

On approach, you get a glimpse of the urban spread that covers the horizon.  Networks of roads, rail lines and power grids remind me of a microscope photograph of fabric.  After all, this really is the fabric of Tokyo, the ‘Capital in the East’. Travelling through a metropolis like Tokyo is a dizzying yet unforgettable […]

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The painting and the conservator.

The question of ‘what lies beneath’ has been asked in the scary movies or where a large black ‘X’ marks the spot.  An inquisition of this kind was posed to something less adventurous than a desert island and pirate ridden lands.  A much more humble article, although the item was altogether far more mysterious than […]

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