Optimist Prime

  “Be an Optimist Prime, not a Negatron”, were the words on a Pin that my wife recently pointed out. I love all things movies and comics, so fusing that sentiment with the legendary Hasbro heroes made my day. We can easily discount such a message but we do this to our detriment. I think […]

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Faster than Roadrunner

At 186,282 milesper second light is pretty fast.  I do believe that there is nothing that can travel as fast as light.  There was a near miss recently when the scientists behind the Large Hadron Collider thought that they had raced particles round their17 milecircuit faster than the speed of light.  It was thought that […]

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1 x Raspberry Pi please

If you heard the term Raspberry Pi, you might well consider a fruit based dessert – covered in single cream. Or maybe even a strange take on mathematics’ 3.14 personality.  But today Raspberry Pi, a charitable organisation launched (and soldout) their first batch of mini computers, and by mini I mean credit card sized. The […]

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Lifting the Lid

If I find myself being pulled into one of the popular coffee houses, a force that seems to pervade the restrictions of time, wide diversions and cost, I will undoubtedly be ordering a grande or venti caffeine based delight, usually sweetened with a syrup of some variety, and as I walk away from the counter, […]

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