Awake in San Francisco

From the window I can see the bridge. Steel cables and structure spans between Northern San Francisco and The Bay. We are on the fifth floor, level with the bridge at this distance. It is little after 05:00 as the sun peers over the horizon, catching the windows of cars and trucks. They flash and […]

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We Drop Stars

The 99c gift shop was the height of this part of town. The other units were an assortment of fast food counters and bars. The bright flickering of former Hollywood glory had all but dwindled. Art Deco was a faint memory, class and charm left town some time ago. Litter blows across the glittering sidewalk […]

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Scheming SATNAV

I have a big brand SATNAV, I have Google Navigation on my phone and I also have another brand of SATNAV on my phone. You could say that I like to know where I’m going. If I have a meeting to get to or if a new independent coffee house has opened up, I’ll just […]

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Two nights too short.

On approach, you get a glimpse of the urban spread that covers the horizon.  Networks of roads, rail lines and power grids remind me of a microscope photograph of fabric.  After all, this really is the fabric of Tokyo, the ‘Capital in the East’. Travelling through a metropolis like Tokyo is a dizzying yet unforgettable […]

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