A mobile apology

According to the Urban Dictionary, Apple fans are called Apple Evangelists and it is to those radicals that I offer this latest post. There may have been some whispers and rumourings (new word) that I have switched my mobile OS allegiance (if you’re unfamiliar with what OS means, I’d stop reading at this point). I […]

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1 x Raspberry Pi please

If you heard the term Raspberry Pi, you might well consider a fruit based dessert – covered in single cream. Or maybe even a strange take on mathematics’ 3.14 personality.  But today Raspberry Pi, a charitable organisation launched (and soldout) their first batch of mini computers, and by mini I mean credit card sized. The […]

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Social Networking or Social Networks?

Socialites remain connected through the many networks that spring from the operating systems that underpin our mobile devices.  The app marketplaces bulge with platforms with which we can stay plugged in to the social spheres that form our world. Forming circles is so easy with apps like Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn – sharing with groups of friends […]

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