Recently our little boy was in the garden. It was a bright, warm, blue skied day. He ran around the grass, this way and that. Each change of direction, every action he took was mimicked. There was a copycat.

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Optimist Prime

  “Be an Optimist Prime, not a Negatron”, were the words on a Pin that my wife recently pointed out. I love all things movies and comics, so fusing that sentiment with the legendary Hasbro heroes made my day. We can easily discount such a message but we do this to our detriment. I think […]

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Project 365: Gratitude

The two words that are so easy to say but seldom pass the lips.  A simple thank you, or a more elaborate sign of gratitude is important for the smooth running of our society.  It is a critical element of the oil that ensures our world doesn’t rust over and grind to a halt.  I […]

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Starting a conversation…

Hello and welcome to the space.  Welcome to the space that has been created to….well…discuss.  The space here is designed to discuss the things in my world.  The elements that keep my world turning so quickly.  As I’m sure you will agree, there may be similarities between our worlds and if we can create a […]

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