Recently our little boy was in the garden. It was a bright, warm, blue skied day. He ran around the grass, this way and that. Each change of direction, every action he took was mimicked. There was a copycat.

For us it was facsinating watching our Son discover his own shadow. The confusion, the delight and he raced forward, raised an arm or stooped low. Whatever he did, however he behaved, was all played out in front of him. Marvellous.

What a great resource a shadow is.

In the sunny days our shadow shows us our every choice. Each decision or action we take is easily recognisable. We’re especially careful with our time, our assets and our relationships. Our shadows tell the story of us. They are us.

The challenge comes then during the overcast seasons of our lives. When the shadows become blurred and lose distinction. Do we mimick the days filled with sunlight, when all of our choices were laid plain for all to see. Or do we act as though nothing leaves a mark, when everything is untraceable. Who then is the copycat?

What do you think?

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