Optimist Prime



“Be an Optimist Prime, not a Negatron”, were the words on a Pin that my wife recently pointed out. I love all things movies and comics, so fusing that sentiment with the legendary Hasbro heroes made my day.

We can easily discount such a message but we do this to our detriment. I think there is value in recognising the link between the idea of good and evil; being Optimus Prime & Megatron, and the battle of the mind where we can choose to be positive or give in to negativity. We constrict and choke our lives when we let a negative perspective take over.

A culture where negativity in your organisation, church or family is the norm, creates an environment akin to a dank cellar. The air is musty, breath is shortend and shadows of unrealised fears lurk along the walls.

Let’s take steps to rise out of depths and fill our lungs with the cool, clean air in the street above. Positive mindsets and language lift us to a place where we can focus on the road ahead, with a clear, unrestricted view.

Be a Optismist Prime.

What do you think?

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