Investing Early

And then there were three.

You get the news that you’re going to be parents and there is no changing it. No going back. You are instantly and eternally… parents.

We often think that we parenthood begins when a child is born, but right now we are nurturing a young life. God is the one knitting them together, bringing all the right parts into place, double checking joints and values.
But equally there is a role for us during this unseen stage. We’ve started to invest in our little life. I don’t mean trading on the FSE100, rather investment by way of prayer. Declaring the promises of God over their life, praying for their character, the type of personality they will grow to develop.

For a few months we have a captive audience. Hotel accommodation is taken care of, single room with en-suite, and we have ample opportunity to prepare our heart and character for the upcoming arrival.

Using the time we have effectively is essential because it will slip through our fingers if we do not put it to good use.

The adventure of parenting has begun.

What do you think?

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