OY! Language

The language that we use or hear is often indicative of our environment. When walking through Tokyo the language all around was unfamiliar and cryptic in the sense that it didn’t register with me and I could not be a part of the conversation.
Likewise, in certain environments the language used is unpalatable and can grate on you if you’ve not been a part of that typos of conversation for a while. So an environment has its own language set and structure wherever and with whomever it is designed for.

In leadership circles this principle also applies. The language that you use in your teams and in your team environment needs to be reflective of your aims, your heart and your mission. So there is no place for language that is contrary to your philosophy and the culture that you have designed and continue to implement.

In our home we consistently encourage each other only to speak positive language that builds, leads and affirms. If other language sets creep in we deal with it swiftly and graciously.

Whether it is in the home, a work place or church community, the language that you set and use will always be indicative of the resulting environment. Lets watch our language.

What do you think?

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