The Red Lines

The guilt was overwhelming, but the crowd still sniggered and jeered whilst watching and waiting. The ball tipped pen rolled across those forbidden words, the red line scorching and scarring the small square note. As the permanent trench dug itself from left to write it is another sign that it had simply been too tough.
The new year celebrations had not been much more than a month ago, so it seems heart-breaking that the intention of being resolute had just not been enough.

Those New Years resolutions seem so concrete. The power of a new chapter opening can hit us with an adrenalin of hope. That this will be the year that we keep those resolutions until the end of January or the end of the year; if we were being totally unrealistic.

At this point in the year those resolutions are down to ‘last man standing’ status on the, yet unused, Christmas notebook. The five other resolutions have already been crossed off and the red ink flowed so easily after the fifth strike.

But, there is still one resolution that remains unbroken. Standing proud in the black ink. It is at the top of the list, it was written first. It was always going to be written first because it had been on your mind. It had become more than a “good idea” or a “potential resolution”. It was a thought that had been planted and watered. It had taken root and grown into something much more than an idea.

Those resolutions that withstand the test of time become more habitual than good intention.

Make a habit of change.

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