Asia Mission Trip 2013 – Guest Post by Paula Hogarth

For the first time I am pleased to have a guest author. Please give a few minutes of your time to read this challenging post, there are exciting times ahead.


Guest Post by Paula Hogarth: –

I have had a heart for anyone who is vulnerable and needy for many years. I know what is it like to have a very small and meagre income and to be a single parent with no qualifications or skills to enable me to support myself and my child. However, I live in a country which has an amazing National Health Service, supports poorer families and single parents and offers free education and I benefited from all of these things and the support of the church both emotionally and spiritually and at times, financially. When I heard about Tearfund many years ago I thought that the work they were doing was fantastic and it still is. During the last couple of years I have given up some of my free time to promote the work of Tearfund, volunteer in their youth camp cafes and speak on behalf of the poor and disadvantaged wherever I can and to whoever wants to listen. This has included churches and community groups and the students at college where I work.

It’s just a little thing that I can offer, and it’s not much when you see the need, to help raise awareness of the needs and the amazing work that takes place through Tearfund, its partners and all the fantastic partners who give their money, time, resources and prayers to help those who are initially unable to help themselves.

This year, Tearfund asked me if I would like to visit some the projects in Asia among some of the most disadvantaged groups in India, Thailand and Nepal. I needed to get time off work and thought this would be impossible as I am a teacher and must work during term times. However, my employer has kindly agreed to release me with their blessing and this enables me to visit the Asia projects.

I hope to gain insight into the work undertaken in India, Nepal and Thailand and meet the people, the partners and see just where all the generous funds and financial gifts go and how they are used. I hope that along with the team of volunteers we can bring some encouragement to the people in the communities we visit and let them know that people in the UK care about them and pray for them, too. I also hope that I can share the life stories, the Good News and the great need with you all when I return and hope that this will generate more interest, prayer support and financial giving to those I visit.

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I am so grateful for you giving me your time to listen, your prayers and thoughts and any sponsorship you may wish to give to enable me to go on this amazing journey.

The schedule for the trip is packed solid with travelling, visiting and seeing the projects, staying with local families and hopefully being able to encourage those we stay with.

If you would like to sponsor me in any way, big or small, all donations are gratefully received, you can do this by clicking on the button below.

Thank you so much,

Paula Hogarth

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