The Confidential Truth

Person A walks into a room full of people, they walk over someone and instantly starts connecting.  Stories are shared, laughter erupts and the evening is a glorious night to remember.

Person B walks into a room full of people, they get out their phone, skim the edge of the room and pour themselves a drink.  The night is slow, everyone is in a cleek and the exit is so attractive with its glowing green appeal.

Person A & Person B were the same person before they walked through the door.  The only difference was a state of mind.  When we are confronted unfamiliar situations or events that can seem daunting, there are some Confidential tips to help deal with the unknown.

Why are they confidential.  They are confidential because it would seem as though no one wants to pass these on.  It might be so frightening to be in a crowd or mingle amongst people you don’t know.  The good news is that it doesn’t have to be confidential.

So here are 3 myths: –

1. People are in cliques.

People are actually great! They have so much depth and richness that we can discover.  When we set our mind to discover more then we give others a more colourful experience in life and we receive the riches of living in community.

2. I don’t have what it takes

The truth is that you do.  You were designed with community in mind.  God places his characteristics inside of us so that we can make the most of all that he has given to us.  When Jesus Christ was baptised by John the Baptist, the very presence of God descended from Heaven and God said, “this is My Son, with whom I am well pleased”.  God delights in us and we have His approval.

3. I have to rush into this

Creating space in our lives for others and engaging with people can take time.  If we freeze in fear at even the thought of speaking in public or leading a small group we can take it step by step.  Small win after small win.  Try not to rush if you’re unsure whether it will freak you out or give you the boost you need.

So what makes me think I can write this?

Simply because I have been both Person A & Person B, and it was all about mind-set.  We can choose to engage and see so much more of life or we can be tunnel into thinking that people aren’t interested in us, that people are isolative and enjoy excluding.  In most parts this isn’t the case, people need people.  We were born to mingle, born to celebrate life and its purpose with other people.

You have what it takes.  You have unbelievable depths to share with your world and we will all be richer for it when you give what you have to offer,

and that is ‘The Confidential Truth’

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