Cut Throat Change

Change feels good. Wait, wait don’t close your browser…read on.

Change feels good because it rocks things about and although the boat becomes unstable, there is a weird thrill being in a rocking boat.

Learning a new skill or taking your current gifting to the next level can take it out of you.  Lately I have been training myself to use a cut throat razor.  I just got fed up of paying extortionate prices for the big brands.  Change isn’t easy, the cuts and scrapes down my cheek are testament to that.  It is exciting and there is something inherently wild and a little bit “1940’s” about dragging a razor blade down your face.

Change can be sharp.

There are lots of comments and thoughts around embracing change.  There are self-help books dedicated to dealing with the stresses of change.  But who wants to read those.

The world is going to change and change fast.  Whether we are ready for it or not there will be: –

  • A new TV
  • A new mode of transport
  • A new Phone
  • A new gadget

I always find those kinds of change so exciting, I love those kind of changes.

But it is the changes to our comfort zones that get a little let easy to swallow.  When the style of our church changes, the way that the music gets louder and louder, or when the music gets quieter and more classical for that matter!! These changes seem to hurt the most, a bit like learning to use a cut throat razor.  But in actual fact, these types of changes are the ones that will take your skill sets, your creativity from strength to strength.

Change can seem rather cut throat sometimes, and yes it probably is because necessary change will happen with or without us.

When we are fully engaged and sold out to what we are involved in, when we no longer embrace the change but we become the catalysts for change.

Sure changes can be painful.  They can leave cuts and scars and bring a few silver streaks as well, but it’s ok … I hear silver is the new black.

One thought on “Cut Throat Change

  1. Yep, change is a scary thing and I certainly enjoy my comfort zones, but you are right, to embrace the change is good , to be part of the change is better – Never too old, too comfortable, too this or too that excuse for change: go, go, go!

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