The physical components have changed throughout history.  Be it a carving in the rocks, a wax seal or an electronic timestamp.  These were all elements of a moment worth marking, worth remembering.  The point of these symbols was to make a permanent memory, an indelible mark that could not be erased.

We make choices each and every day and we often get the chance to change our mind as well.  Maybe the first choice we made doesn’t quite seem right now or maybe we think that there is a ‘better offer’ now.  I have been stood ready to order my favourite coffee and then I see a new seasonal drink and I change my mind, “actually, I think I’ll try one of those”.  I’m tempted by something different. In that moment there are no lasting consequences about changing my mind, it is no big deal.

In our lives there are these indelible marks on our lives.  The effects of moments when we made up our mind or you could say – we set our mind, nothing can change that.  It is as if there were an indelible mark printed on our lives.

There are occasions when we face temptations, and I’m not talking about which menu item to have or anything like that.  But there are real, life changing moments  that can alter the course of our lives.  It is during these moments when the indelible mark left on our lives comes to life.  For example, the marriage that I share with my wife is set on a principle that I will always and only give my life to her.  I know that as a man, there will be temptations coming my way.  With the rise of Facebook and other online way to ‘re-connect’ there could be a temptation to spark up on old friendship.  But for me it is simple, there was an indelible mark left on my life when 4 years ago, I promised before God and man to stay with my wife.  I know that some might say, “how can you be sure that you won’t change your mind”?

I ‘set’ my mind and my choice 4 years ago.  When faced with a decision it is easy, because I already made the choice 4 years ago.  I made the decision to resist temptation in those moments when I promised to be with one woman for the rest of my life.  It is the indelible mark from the choice I have made that directs and rewards my life.

There are countless decision points in our lives for which we have already made our choice.  For some these moments are a struggle, a war of will.  But for those of us who wear indelible marks of those decisive moments in life where we said, “I have made my choice”, life is much more enjoyable, much more exciting and much more rewarding.

What do you think?

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