Art in your Latte??

Foreign bodies in food & drink is never pleasant,  no one ever likes to find a fly in their soup or a worm in your apple.  But what about some Art in your Latte?

Latte Art is an ever increasing skill at many good coffee houses.  Finding a pattern and that personal touch in your favourite drink really does make the experience more memorable and encourages your community to come back for more.

I have been playing with the idea of Latte Art and I’m enjoying the learning.  I have a long way to go, but there is some steady improvement taking place.  I Just need to work on the consistency and work towards competency.

Meanwhile here are a few examples of the progress: –

Are you a Latte Art specialist? Can you provide any tips or techniques, can I learn from your lessons learnt?

Please do let me know in the comments below

Happy brewing!

Some good advice and inspiration: –

3 thoughts on “Art in your Latte??

  1. Not all ‘good’ baristas can do latte art. While they may be able to texture the milk properly, making good patterns is another story. Some have it, some dont.

    First and foremost for latte art is milk that has been textured properly, dense and silky and no bubbles! From here its just practice.

    Latte art is essential in all good coffee houses today (and not just for lattes), it shows progress and a passion by the barista.

    1. Hi Bobby,

      You raise an interesting point – “some have it and some don’t”. I guess it is more that just good baristaship, there is a whole load of passion and dedication to add in as well.
      My wife and I were visiting friends in NZ over Christmas and I was in heaven with all the Flat Whites and art on pretty much every coffee.
      Do you have a coffee house in Adelaide? Do customers appreciate the artistry or has it just become ‘the norm’ for them?

      1. There are 3 drinks that we see latte art on. Flat whites, latte and cappuccino. Many cafes don’t do all three (some do) and have chosen to stick with old school style presentation. The progressive cafes light up the cup up with patterns, those cafes are worth trying. Latte art – has it become the norm you ask, well it depends. Mostly lattes get the pattern so I suppose its expected for that coffee but customers are becoming more demanding and quality conscious and that includes wanting to see coffee art on the other coffees.

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