Download Ready…

I try to have a pencil, a pen or a mobile device on my person all the time.  You just never know when those song lyrics may arrive, or that process map will hover over the Panini that you’re about to order.  Sometimes the ideas that can change the course of your day, your career or even your life land when you don’t expect them and certainly not at a convenient time.

Most of the good writing ideas or other creative thoughts barge their way into my brain when I’m shutting down, as my head has hit the pillow.  Then I grab my phone, create a little reminder or open Evernote to capture that nugget that I’ve just discovered.

You are so creative. Fact. And when we expect to have good ideas, when we make ourselves approachable and when we open the channels – we will surely receive.  So don’t be caught out, be prepared and capture the next, Facebook, Dyson.  It is already there, just waiting to be downloaded.

What do you think?

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