I have Rights you know!

“What about my rights”, you’ve heard it so many times.

Human Rights, Animal Rights, Work Rights and any other section of society seems to claim their ‘Rights’.

Rights are in place to protect, to assist and to act as a framework that ensures that justice prevails and prejudice doesn’t get airtime.  Rights can often be used or called upon when in defence.  When wrong has been committed, when someone feels vulnerable and in most cases it is good and proper that Rights are in place.  We think about Human Rights in terms of freedom from people trafficking…yes human beings are trafficked, enslaved.  There are Rights that come into effect here.  A21 are an organisation dedicated to bringing a stop to people trafficking, they do tremendous work and are heroes and heroines in our society.  For more information see – www.thea21campaign.org

There are other Rights that people don’t shout about, don’t march upon city squares in protest about.  There are Rights that don’t bring a nation’s infrastructure to a standstill…

but maybe they should.

How often have we thought about my Right to Responsibility.

Run that one past me again.

A Right to Responsibility in our lives has always existed, but we often focus on the defensive rather than living in a forward momentum pattern.  Our Duty in life is to make the most of the opportunities we have.  To encourage, to build, to progress the environments that we inhabit.

The Right to enact our Duty to the people in our communities is far more powerful than the Rights that are limelighted on the newsreels and the six o’clock bulletins.  In a culture that updates in real-time we still have the Right to Duty, Responsibility and Sacrifice.  The characteristics that seem old fashioned and out dated are actually framework of our society.  It is your Right to live out those elements of your life.

Let’s have a Responsibility March.  A march through the streets, waving banners with the slogans of Revolutionaries…

“This is my shift”

“Whatever it takes”

“I’m here till it’s done”

What do you think?

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