1 x Raspberry Pi please

If you heard the term Raspberry Pi, you might well consider a fruit based dessert – covered in single cream. Or maybe even a strange take on mathematics’ 3.14 personality.  But today Raspberry Pi, a charitable organisation launched (and soldout) their first batch of mini computers, and by mini I mean credit card sized.

The specifications are not state of the art but this is specifically why this innovation is exciting.  Raspberry Pi have opened up huge double doors and thrown down the draw bridge to new developers, schools and ICT enthusiasts alike.  The mini computer is designed to act as ‘the bare components’ of the future hand held devices that we might be using.  It is a starter kit for the generation of coders and technological architects that will reshape how we adapt to, appreciate and use technology.

The world of hardware development is open for business, it is for the taking and we are all invited to join the revolution of making the future that we want to see.  Winston Churchill once commented “History will write well of me, for I intend to write it”

What do you think?

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