Land of the Long White Cloud – Part Four: Bucket List

Part Four: Bucket List

Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman entertained us with the film Bucket List and although the concept always has a bleak ending, the #MakeTheMostOfNow centiment is first class.

If you are working your way through a bucket list get your list out because you need to add an item: –

I did consider writing a little of our journey though the mountainous roads through central Southland, New Zealand and how we were astonished when we drove over a summit and first laid eyes upon Lake Tekapo.  However, I don’t think I am qualified to describe, honour and praise the landscape that we found.  Instead, I thought I should include a few scenes that we captured during our one night stay.


The road to the shore of Lake Tekapo
These images have not been altered – Colour like no other!
So peaceful…
This was taken at about 6pm in the evening
Water that runs in from the mountains make the water so bright
Freedom…there is nothing like it
Exceptional planning for a Wedding Day at “The Church of The Good Shepherd”
Reality or Imagination? – almost too good to be true

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