The Crash

Life has a funny habit of getting in the way.  Getting in the way of our plans. Stepping out into the road when we are in full flow, and the effects are often crushing, debilitating and usually unexplained.  In times like this, when we feel so alone, so isolated, just know that there is a clan, a tribe and strength to be found all around you.

We are stronger together.

We work, play and live faster, longer, harder when we have a tribe or a following to accompany us.

When you hit that dead end or that fork and neither path seems to fit or look remotely inviting, it is in those moments when we turn to The Crash.  A group of cattle is known as a herd and a family of fish are called a school.  But, as Erwin McManus highlights in his genius book entitled ‘The Barbarian Way’, a group of Rhino is known as a Crash!  If you find yourself at a loss, just turn to that Crash because you are not alone, isolated or without hope.

Simply put, we are Stronger Together.

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