A ‘Flet Wyte’ did you say?!

If you walk into a English cafe, tearoom or even a coffee house and you ask for a Flat White, you will be faced with a glazed look across the face of our budding baristas.  Sure we can serve you an excellent cup of tea.  An impressive latte and even a smooth yet strong cappuccino. Now ask for a Flat White and you might as well be asking for a tin of paint or piece of A4 paper.  A Flat White, did you say?

I first drank a Flat White a few years ago in a coffee bar located in London’s Soho district…and I fell in love.  Now that was coffee.  If you’re looking for great coffee in our great Capital, then check out Flat White’s blog here – penned by a Kiwi and showing the love for a good strong ‘Flattie’ – good work!

During a recent trip to New Zealand I made sure that I got more than my fair share of the Kiwi Triumph that is the Flat White.  From Auckland to Queenstown, Milford Sound to Kaikoura, whenever my wife and I stopped for a drink, I got a Flat White.  I half expected that I might grow tired of having the same type of coffee each day, in different glorious locations, with great company…. but I didn’t.  I was in coffee heaven.  It was… “sweet as Bro”.

So, if you are a coffee fan and happen to be travelling through the most stunning lands of New Zealand, here is a journey of Flat White victories that I recorded along the way.

Mission Bay Cafe – Mission Bay, Auckland

Latte Art with a perfectly formed Kiwi Fern

5 out of 5 – It was to die for.

Sandfly Cafe – Te Anau, Southlands

Flat White on a sunny December morning

4 out of 5 – Perfect start before travelling to Milford Sound

The Roost Cafe –  Oamaru, Southlands.

Great swirl in the coffee design

4 out of 5 – A great little stop on the East Coast

Celsius Cafe & Bar – Motueka, Tasmen

Really smooth coffee

5 out of 5 – A fantastic find on the way to Golden Bay, go in search.

Underground – Queesntown, Southlands.

This was so good, I couldn't wait

5 out of 5 – Sunny morning in Queenstown next to Lake Wakatipu

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