Two nights too short.

On approach, you get a glimpse of the urban spread that covers the horizon.  Networks of roads, rail lines and power grids remind me of a microscope photograph of fabric.  After all, this really is the fabric of Tokyo, the ‘Capital in the East’.

The fabric of Tokyo with clean lines and order...

Travelling through a metropolis like Tokyo is a dizzying yet unforgettable experience.  Size, progression and order are evident on every street, like walking through manicured gardens the Capital City ought not to be disturbed, yet you’re invited in and made to feel that you would never have to leave.

Two nights in Tokyo is too short a time.  It could be described as love at first sight.  But then would there be an end to the honeymoon phase, love is blind.  My guess is, probably not.

Walking through Ginza in a breath of fresh air amongst a sea of masks flowing through the crowds.  The air seems fresh and crisp on New Year’s Eve, but our hosts remain a little more cautious.

Through the streets of Ginza, Tokyo comes alive.

I’m fascinated by the seamless blending of glass towers and ancient Pagodas, efficiency and heritage can coexist without either one stealing the limelight.  The bright winter sun bounces from one tower to another.

A few minutes walk from Tokyo Central Station

The Imperial Palace lies to the right here and after walking through the glass jungle of banks, insurance brokers and electronics you are presented with The Imperial Palace.  Moated, high-walled and magnificent.  The Imperial palace tells the story of ancient Japanese structure, beauty and discipline, it is a wonder to behold.

A corner building in the Imperial Palace grounds, overlooking the natural defence.
Tokyo Tower against a crisp December sky

To fully appreciate the vastness of Tokyo’s landscape you need to visit the Tokyo Tower.  The steel structure, inspired by it’s Parisian cousin stands at the top of a hill and provides stunning 360 degree visuals from Tokyo Bay and the Rainbow Bridge

Tokyo Bay and Rainbow Bridge to the left, known simply as RB

… to Mount Fuji in the setting sun.

Mount Fuji centred in the horizon from Tokyo Tower

Two nights in Tokyo City is enough to fall in love, but to explore the deep treasures within, no, it is barely enough to scratch the surface.

Tokyo City was two nights,  as two people.  Travel is always better when you have someone to share it with and I had the best possible travel companion, Mrs Hogarth.  Tokyo was only designed as a rest from a longer journey home, but it proved to deserve a lot more thought and exploration next time.

A whirlwind visit that seemed to be gone in flash and the lights tail away as we drove east to Narita.

Tokyo lights stream by...

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