Lifting the Lid

If I find myself being pulled into one of the popular coffee houses, a force that seems to pervade the restrictions of time, wide diversions and cost, I will undoubtedly be ordering a grande or venti caffeine based delight, usually sweetened with a syrup of some variety, and as I walk away from the counter, avoiding the sugar dispensers, there is usually a moment when I pause… and “lift the lid” that has so far kept the aroma and the character of this 16oz mini-meal held back, captive.  At once there comes a long inhale of all the rich yet sweet, well earned flavours rising above the lip of the paper cup.

But why the ritual? Why the tradition of lifting the lid?

When we seem to be hurtling through life and there are so many people craving our attention or when there are 99 flavours of ice cream to choose from and your favourite is plain old vanilla. When the noise of busy world drowns out the moments of silence. It is in those seconds where we should pause… and take in all that the cup we hold has to offer.

I find myself savouring the taste of a meal before washing it down with another flavoured drink. I seem to notice freshly cut grass and enjoy the scent. It is where the moments present themselves that we must lift the lid on life and take in all that it has to offer, and you’ll agree, doesn’t it smell great.

What do you think?

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