Happy Movember the 1st

Today is the Movember 1st, hold up… Movember? Yes MO-vember.
Moustache season has officially commenced and for the Month of Movember (formally known as November) Men are encouraged to grow a MO, keep that top lip warm and raise money for the Prostate Cancer Charity.

The fine moustachery that, from today, adorns the top lips of Gentlemen around the world goes some way to raising awareness of men’s health.

Moustache Season is underway but it’s not too late to sign up, get involved or most importantly sponsor the MO of a loved one and help make a difference.

As part of Movember the drive is also to get the fellas in your world to have a health check. I know you are thinking that this will be a bit of an impossibility, but I may offer you some hope…
During this month of gentlemanly lip fashion I will be making the treacherous journey to a clinic for a health check. So the hope offered is that if one man goes for a check up during the season of check ups, then maybe, just maybe it will encourage others to follow. You will be glad to know that the light bulb at the end of the tunnel has been replaced, so there is now a light – shining brightly and we MO BROS light the way for all those affected by the cause of Movember.

If you’d like to find out more about the type of work you’d be helping to fund by supporting Movember, take a look at the Programmes We Fund section on the Movember website:http://uk.movember.com/about

66 thoughts on “Happy Movember the 1st

  1. Great cause, great call…

    Now if only I could get my boyfriend to read and heed, we’d be all set. But he is uniformly resistant. Any tips, anyone? Guilt tripping, scheduling appointments for him and cajoling don’t seem to be working…


  2. Yay for lip fur! Now, if we could only get the rest of the world to agree on a universal spelling of it… Congrats on getting ‘pressed’!

  3. Brilliant cause! I work at a school and the male teacher’s did it last year. It looked hillarious – and they were all sponsered by the teachers and children.
    I didn’t grow one – I work with 3 year olds – it would scare them!

  4. Dean,

    Great post for a great cause. Good luck with your campaign in the UK.


    Yes you can join the cause. Grow one or just rock a fake one. Either way help start the conversation. Every voice counts.

  5. I’m torn…I love this post and I love the IDEA in theory, but I hate when my husband has a mustache! How do I get him to go for the check-up and raise money for the cause without growing the stache? Maybe I should just send him your post and suck it up for the month and deal with him looking ridiculous 😉 Great post, congrats on being freshly pressed!

    1. Appreciate the congrats. I understand your conundrum, and I think maybe you’ll grow to love the temporary lip tickler whilst the health issues are in the limelight. Encouraging the gentleman to have a check-up might just be worth the itchiness 🙂

  6. I saw my first MOvember in Melbourne, when I had no idea it’s a charity. Wondering why suddenly this many – often young – men grew a moustache, I mailed back home to Germany about this strange Australian fashion…
    Only later I understood! That was a laugh…
    Great idea!

  7. Great cause and excellent scheme. Trying to get a fella to go for a check up when something is obviously adrift is like pushing a glacier. Will pass this info on; many thanks for post

  8. Kudos to you for bringing awareness to the Movember cause! Sorry but I can’t grow a mustache…if I could, that’d be a problem. Haha…

    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! 🙂

    1. appreciate the congrats Amanda, Movember had to have an appearance.
      I’m liking what your doing on bullfrogsandbulldogs – a personal journey to a more authentic you…great stuff.

  9. I love Movember. and i fully support this stache growing month. although i’m not typically a huge mustache fan, i think this season really brings the fun people of the world together and it’s for a great cause. fabulous.

    1. the furry lip friend isn’t for everyone, but they need to have their place at least during Movember. Here’s to the fun people bringing alive those important and serious issues. Happy ‘tash spotting.

  10. I’ve never heard of Movember but I think it is a fabulous idea. Thank you for bringing attention to these important health issues for men. I’m a cancer suvivor. Men’s health issues are so overlooked and underfunded. I am going to write a post on my blog w/a link to this post. And, thanks for all of the resources for men found on the links in your post. Best!

    1. Movember is gaining momentum each year, which is good news – increased awareness from early intervention is so key. Thanks so much for your input and background, that is fantastic!
      If you want any more details on Movember, just give me a shout.

  11. I was at the Apple store getting a computer lesson, and all the young men were sprouting facial hair. You couldn’t help but notice, if you’d been there before and saw all clean shaven guys. Sure enough, they were growing mustaches in support of men’s health, prostate cancer in particular. Great way to get noticed and spread the word!


  12. I’ve never heard of prostRate cancer. Prostate cancer, sure, but not prostrate. Is that a cancer of laying down, cuz we just call that planking thing “being a hipster”.

  13. This write tickled my nose [hehe]…

    Thanks. I don’t have a stache, but I think they can be rather, cool and warm simo!


  14. Happy Mo-vember! Sounds like a great cause.
    I’d ask my husband to grow one, but he’s part Cherokee and it takes three days for him to grow a five o’clock shadow.

  15. I’ve been for my checkup! A little bit of embarrassment now saves a lot of trouble later. The government here also sends out bowel screening kits for those over 50. Horrible subject that just isn’t talked about enough even though as many men die of bowel and testticular cancer as women die of breast and cervical cancer. Men are not taught to talk about their health issues which is a great shame and needs to change. Only we can change it!!

  16. Nice post! I’m supporting the initiative from cold and rainy Denmark. No moustache so far, but already getting donations streaming in, so can’t complain 🙂

    Well done on supporting a good cause!


    PS: There’s a “Movember Me” post about this stuff on my blog, in case anyone’s interested!

  17. Thanks for helping getting the word out about this. I, too, am growing facial hair (I’m taking part in No Shave November and growing a full beard) to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancer. It’s good to get men talking about the need for routine examinations.

    1. Well done MO BRO! Hope the lip finery gets off the a great start. Appreciate the comments and I’m glad that others like your good self are raising awareness… I find that we are stronger together.

  18. Love this cause! I just found out about it this week – a lot of people have been writing about it. How awesome! I’m going to feature it on my Cause Blog this week as well! Keep up the great work this Movember! Can’t wait to see the finished mustaches!


  19. Thank you for you post Dean. My father died of prostate cancer 4 years ago after an 11 1/2 year ride (which included a soft tail Harley). Though I cannot grow a mustache of any visible significance I can pass on the message. MO-vember. Nice.

    1. Thanks very much for the comments, much appreciated. If, by any chance you were looking for a MO to sponsor, then you could also search ‘deanhogarth’ at movember.com 😉

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